Here it is. . .the Prophetic Hub!


A Time to. . .Refresh!!

                    by Carol Cardinale

During the summer of 2016,  I had  a  strong burden, a desire on my heart. It was speaking  to me about  nurturing concerns  for  the prophetic community  within the church.  I had no further leading  on the matter, or how to go about it, so I cast it over on the Lord. Several months passed and in the late  summer things  began to happen … 

One late summer morning,  I was  in  my office  when  suddenly  the strong  and unmistakable Presence of the Holy Spirit came and engulfed me. Instantly, in His Presence, I  knew what to do! I had a  clear witness of the Spirit that it was His timing  to start an online  “prophetic hub!”  And so I did!   

“The Hub”  is  a  GOD  Idea!

During the  time of severe persecution “… when Jezebel was killing  the prophets of the Lord, the prophet Obadiah was moved to  take  100 prophets  and hid them by fifties in a cave  and fed them with bread and water.” (1 Kings 18:4) 

light-bulb-ideasNo matter where you are in the prophetic journey, you are  to dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High God!  Prophetic life is life in the Presence of God!

In the hub is a place of manna and the Spiritual refreshing and nourishment   The testimony of Jesus Who is the Spirit of prophesy! ( Rev 19:10)

2017 2018 & 2019 prophesy streams are timeless, seasonal relevant and speaks the Word of the Lord in the power of the Spirit that hits the bull’s eye of your life with HIS transforming power!



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All Rights Reserved
  Carol Cardinale  















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