The moment YOU decide to move forward with the Spirit of Grace, godly confidence, and expectation will rise within YOU! And you will see the Upgrade your Father has for you Messiah– Yeshua is holding it out to give IT to YOU. That — DECISION YOU HAVE TO MAKE–TO LEAVE OR TO STAY IN YOUR FAMILIAR PLACE is Why are you are Double minded –wrestling over it day in and day out! Make the move towards God! Yes. It will cost you something to lay down which is familiar. But God is with you! This is the moment IN your life YOUR PURPOSE COMES INTO FULL BLOOM! It is set in motion and into the new thing a new path — that is springing forth in your life! Don’t be cheated out of it by defaulting to your comfort zone! Get up from there and get going! You will have divine revelation rise within your spirit man! YOU WILL know in an instant— at that very moment even before you realize it! When you are supernaturally breaking through and stepping out of the old wine skin of the past season–YOU are changed into a new wine skin of your new season! Stepping out in faith will change you and enable you step into the Glorious days ahead!