Ministry on the web

Prophetic Living  by Carol Cardinale

    Carol’s online presence through her website provides a

fresh and Spirit-led a prophetic stream

a place where believers can be refreshed and filled with spiritual encouragement edification and comfort!


“But  by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace before me was not in vain; …”  1 Cor 15:10

The Call  to the Ministry

Since her infant years in Christ have served in her strong prophesy and prophetic gift set now she has ministered and still ministers as a “house prophet” as the Lord wills.

Confirmed as a PROPHETIC VOICE Carol is an ordained prophetic minister, who ministers to the multi-generational Body of Messiah to teach train and equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

( Eph4:11-12) 

Because His people will perish for a lack of knowledge and remain captives to the enemy for a lack of knowing  and acting upon the Truth of God’s Word, Carol with her teacher’s heart, is a  longtime advocate and a contender for Bible literacy [ 2 Tim 2:15;1 Pet 3:15]

Carol’s mandate comes with the call to “Teach His people how to overcome” with the Word of God and prevail with HIS promises!



Women’s Ministry

Carol Cardinale has a heart for women who need to know they can and learn how to overcome their brokenness and to live a healed victorious and transformed life of wholeness.

In recent years Carol has served faithfully in a labor of love conducting Spirit-led services in her area at a well known Christian resident facility.


 Carol ministers prophetically by: imparting biblical hope; teaching divine strategies;  and vision spiritually to singles who desire to live the single life victoriously whether for a season OR as a calling.


 Carol Cardinale is called alongside her husband, messianic published author, Anthony Cardinale, as a husband and wife ministry team, with a Love and a Rom 10:1 call for Zion’s sake. They are sent to Jerusalem, Israel” their spiritual home on earth” by the Lord as HE wills—to fulfill  their calling to His Purposes for  His Chosen People. 





Link: Zealous Writer! Carol Cardinale

For all correspondence and sending inquiries/invitations please email Carol:  propheticliving@gmail.com


 Carol Cardinale

 copyright 2017-2020

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