Prophetic Living

w/Carol Cardinale



“In the unusual and challenging journey of prophetic living, New Testament ( NT) prophets must seek to align, acclimate, and agree to  walk in New Covenant reality with God. In order  to fit and function as fearless and  pure prophetic voices in the earth, you must be movers and shakers —  being  Christ-like influencers who can release this flourishing  in every faith-filled sphere. And  never forget this, prophets, prophetess, and prophetic people  alike, to mutually strengthen one another in Jesus, Who is the Spirit of Prophesy.  He is the One Who moves HIS Heart throughout the  prophetic faith community.”  -Carol Cardinale

Prophetic living is a reflection of what we see the Father doing in the Kingdom.

You’re not going to want for anything! What you have never seen is about to be unveiled! What you have never  heard will suddenly have you shouting it  from the housetops! Whatever  treasure that God has prepared, will be revealed to your heart by His Spirit. 

To describe prophetic living  is to describe what makes the prophetic personality and prophetic heart tick. It is like looking at a mosaic embroidered with threaded patterns –and of revelation, wisdom and creativity– that is embedded in the infinite fabric of faith. The prophetic lifestyle in Christ brings an inheritance of all that Heaven affords.  Your prophetic life is set before you at a table with the finest linen and silverware. Jesus the Messiah has HIS  Prophetic  Fingerprints touching every aspect of your restoration, refreshing and renewal with the  infinite Revelation of Himself.

Jesus is the Spirit of Prophesy. (Rev 19:10)

 Join us! HIS Table is set with an RSVP. So  go and tell everyone in the prophetic community you know that there is also a reserved place for every prophet, prophetess and prophetic person in Christ. Some say ‘Come as you are’–but one spiritual encounter with Jesus our Messiah Prophet, you won’t stay as you are!


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4 thoughts on “RSVP

  1. You, are an anointed woman of God… Will you pray about being God’s mouthpiece… By allowing Him to use your voice… So we can listen and capture God‘s heart for this now time?
    … I love you and Anthony dearly…
    In His lavish love,


    1. Barb, thank you for your encouraging comment. The May 2018 word is released tonight. There may be others you know that would be blessed by my Prophetic Living website in May w/ laughter and singing! – Rev Carol


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