Prophetic Living for Life!


-Prophetic Living-

I exhort and encourage you, individually and corporately, as a prophetic community, to seek to grow in your fit-and-function, and become stronger spiritually than you have ever been before. Then you will flourish in your calling prophetic personality and uniqueness to serve God’s prophetic purposes in the Church and in the earth.  


Carol Cardinale has an online presence within her prophetic ministry to serve you! It’s actually your new website that is coming WITH a refreshing prophetic niche…of encouragement edifying, comforting, and stirring up the gift that is within you!

God intends for you to be trained and equipped for the work of the ministry. ( Eph 4:11-12)

You are to have direction, vision, and motivation to walk in your purpose and destiny in the earth. Connect with the flow of prophetic ministry set in the Church by Jesus  Who is the Head of the Church!

Advancing the Kingdom of God by prophetic living with spiritual empowerment by the Holy Spirit!


 The New Testament prophetic ministry is reviving and arising in greater anointing and streams in this hour in the earth– to reveal the Heart of God throughout the Body of Christ like never before!

      Revealing the Heart of God! 

Be “…inspired and helped by them, [ the prophesies] so that you can wage a good warfare” ( 1 Tim 1:18), as you advance in God’s calling for your life.   


          Trust God and you shall be established. Obey the prophets and you shall prosper!  2 Chron 20:20

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Standing from a place of Victory,

Carol Cardinale