November- Break Away!


There is a new door, a new opportunity that is looming up before you!

Deliverance is at the door! The Battle is over!

Longstanding unbelief that has lodged in your soul is being banished even as it is told to you! I have called you to live in soul freedom–free from thoughts like the  toxic  arrows of the enemy who intends to pierce and  paralyze you and your faith from going forward!

I have called you to LIVE! Peace and Joy are the twins that give you power to live a liberated life! Liberated from the negative bombardment of the outside world, to live and minister freedom to the captives in their own soul!

Strongholds in the soul come down now! With the sweet fragrance of  Christ! His Name is Sweeter than  sweet! It’s time to smell the sweet fragrance of HIS life!



Smell!  The fragrant candle burns with fragrance of faith! Allow it to Fill up your  senses  your soul and life  with aromas and  scent of  herbs and spices that speak of  MY LOVE and Aroma in the Spirit!

Dwell in this Aromatic Season of soul …HEAR My Song of Songs!  My Name is like ointment perfume poured forth over you! HOW  FRAGRANT and FREE YOU ARE called to be!!   

 Look to ME!  For there’s nothing perfect , no perfect circumstances. Stop waiting for perfection in the natural realm. Christ is the only Perfection, Who lives  within you! IN HIM live move and have your being!  

I   AM  your godly success in the earth!!


 Don’t allow yokes of disappointment present and past to lodge in your soul! I have come to Remove it and Redeem you to DIVINE APPOINTMENTS.


Resist negativity that hinders and  that would take your mind and emotions captive! 

For you have the Mind of Christ! My Thoughts are higher!  Think with a Renewed Mind, then you will  Act according to the wisdom  revelation and the thinking that I impart to you!

The Spirit of God stands by to release knowledge and understanding for your total Victory in Me!

For I have given you a Sound Mind I have given you an anointing. My Word – the Sword of the Spirit  is GREATER than the piercing  darts of the enemy.



REMEMBER  MY TIMING is Perfect for that which concerns YOU!!

Hold on to your godly Confidence in Me! I AM Faithful to deliver you!! Your soul breakthrough is at hand! You will Break Away  from SOUL depression  sadness, disappointment, bondage and torment!

Freedom  Is at Hand!



So come away and enjoy the New Season of deeper communion with Me waiting in My Presence! Will I find you in the Secret Place?

 That you may Continue on in the Anointed One, in what HE has Called you to do! Prepare to go from faith to faith strength to strength and glory to glory in this hour!

For the diligent hand shall rule!  By faith you can do all things through Christ Who  BRINGS YOU JOY!


your head with OIL



The Snare IS BROKEN!!!