May: Separation!



This is the hour of  decision to move forward or stay behind!

Remember Lot’s wife!

This is a generation that is no different than those  in past times, says the Spirit of Grace.

A divided heart cannot please ME!

Who among them in the Exodus Generation would step into the Promise Land–ONLY two!

Those with a divided heart cannot see or discern

the divine Season and the Time we are in!


Yes! YOU! My Beloved have dove’s eyes–eyes that are made to remain focused and fixed to see and know the time and the seasons!

AWAKE O’ LOVESICK ONE! The winter is past and the singing of the birds have come! Come Away with ME!

YOU will see WHAT I SEE!

 So ASK that your eyes may be flooded with LIGHT in this hour! You will SHINE Brighter and Brighter CHURCH—in the darkness that covers the earth in this hour!

Who has Ears to hear MY VOICE? And  has a Heart to Receive? Have Faith to do what is being spoken and birthed  in the earth through the streams of MY Prophetic Voices!

Separate and come out from among the lukewarm, the unbelieving scoffers, and the double minded!

Many have separated themselves and are making compromises! Many have stepped into the snare of conformity to the  traditions of men and ungodly counsel!

Let them go!

Don’t lean to your own understanding! Trust in the Lord with all your heart!

 Follow ME! The wheat and the tares have grown together! It is time for the Separation.

I have called you into the Secret Place to abide and commune and consecrate to Me! Will you find TIME to Separate and Step in??  

I AM  bringing a shaking to all that can be shaken!

And it is already here!

The trials and tests are not strange— yet they are harder than they’ve ever been!  


Continue to Seek Me…Do not regret MY pruning! There are people places and things that are being cut off, falling away, and just disappearing from your life in this hour!

STEP IN! For the King of Kings says I bid you…COME! Step INTO My Presence!

Acquaint yourselves with Me! For IAM YOUR KING! And GOOD will come to you!

Are you hungry and thirsty?

I WILL FILL YOU! Be consumed with ME! I Will become your Gold, and your Silver!