March 2021: Bring it to the LIGHT where there is FREEDOM!

There is a NEW THING Springing forth from YOU! This a Season OF EXPOSING AND DISCLOSURE AND CLOSURE. But THIS IS also a SEASON OF RIPENING HEALING DELIVERANCE AND RESTORATION. There is a platform being built in this Season throughout the Church that is going to serve as a launching pad for the NEW!

The Lord has been in a process of DOING A DEEP WORK WITHIN His Body!See I AM doing a new thing from the inside out! The pulling back the layers and pulling up the roots tearing down strongholds overthrowing the false things . NOW THERE IS Planting and Rebuilding within HIS BODY! IT IS THE ROOTS that have been buried deep CHOKING OFF LIFE in His Body–BUT NO MORE! Some feel they reliving the moment when the wounds were fresh. But rejoice for the healing and DELIVERANCE is about over. There will be those that WILL BE SENT in due time that will be like a fresh cup of water— Celebrating YOU!

BE CONFIDENT FOR HE THAT HAS BEGUN A GOOD WORK in you REMAINS DOING SO! FOR THERE IS A GREAT VISION. . . A PATH THAT IS BECOMES BRIGHTER AND BRIGHTER UNTIL THE PERFECT DAY! BE ON GUARD! HEARTS ARE BEING WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE BELOVED. There is great separation –the wheat from the tares, the faithful from the pretenders, and the religious will separate from the Remnant For many question the Wisdom and has not feared the Father, neither do they know Him, For the ones who receive Strength submit to the HIGH Authority through the Discipline that comes from the Lord HIMSELF…. YOU are lovingly chastened… for such as YOU ARE His sons and daughters! YOU will be strong and do great exploits for the Lord. STAND FIRM. STAND. Have you noticed a gift that He is unwrapping in YOU? IT IS THE LORD WHO has moved you with great desire to launch into it –step by step -day by day! It surely something that you couldn’t do before BUT you will start doing it! WATCH. The Miracles OF HEALING AND Restoration signs and wonders that are working and manifesting in your life. No longer will pain and the tears over the former things have power over YOU! YOU WILL RISE UP IN THIS HOUR AND SAY I AM THE ” NEW ME” WHO IS Set FREE INDEED!