JUNE-Let the Fire Fall!


Faithful Ones, wait on the Promises of God and He WILL show up!

Be zealous Fire-tried Ones! Be ready for a the Net Breaking Tsunami of  Souls rushing into the Kingdom of God!

Ha! Peter preached and about 3,000 souls were translated into the Kingdom of Light!

Miracles Signs and Wonders follow YOU!

Who among you long for the Acts of Holy Spirit so powerfully made manifest in the Early Church? 

What kind of Living Stones where they?  Early Church believers were so full of Love, Power, and Blessing—With pure hearts stoked with the  Holy fire and revival! 

Who among you desire to be aglow and burning with the Spirit?

Join them who were separated from the path of the unrighteous and delivered to the WAY of the everlasting Life! They were not only sold out to Jesus Who sent His promised Holy Spirit-they sold everything and laid their possessions before the Apostles feet!  What kind of Love is that?

This is That—

The prophet Joel prophesied…

Come On Dreamers Visionaries Miracle Workers!     

In this new Season build up yourselves Beloved, in the Holy Spirit— by praying in the Holy Spirit!

Holy Spirit will anoint your heads and give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know HIM more and more. He is the One who will open and will flood your spiritual eyes with Light to know what is the hope of your calling!

And you have the Living waters within you of  Help Intercession and Strength  Holy Spirit will teach you and show you things to come!

He will stand by you and see you through with all you need—- Holy Spirit is the same Spirit – The One Who raised Jesus from the dead!

Let the Fire of the Holy Spirit Fall

and He will Fill and Live through YOU!