wonder woman

Who Do you Think you Are

Uncircumcised Philistine?

In these present times, the righteous are groaning in the land concerning the unrighteous CAUSE THAT HAS BROUGHT A CURSE affecting our entire Nation.

In Israel, we see in 1Samuel 17:25-58 the account of David conquering Goliath the Philistine giant.

The men of Israel were afraid at the sight of Goliath down. [ 1 Sam 17:22-24] But David asked, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?”( v 26) Eliab his older brother, was angry that David showed up and he asked, “Is there not a cause?” [ 1 Sam 17:29]

Similarly, “Goliath” in our times with many faces have manifested in gross proportions, raging violently, challenging, and demanding that righteousness surrenders to the oppressive rule of the antichrist spirit. However, God IS the Supreme POWER & the Highest Authority, and God alone anointed DAVID to take Goliath down!

David with the anointed armor of five stones a slingshot in the name of the Lord of hosts ran to the battle declaring his victory over Goliath. [ 1 Sam 17:46-50] David, in the power of God-given authority, took him down. He cut off the head of Goliath prophetically representing the destruction of the Philistine giant’s exerting illegitimate intimidating violent and wicked authority. Under the anointing, David used the giant’s own sword (v 50-51)  and made an open show of it!

The prophetic insight for you as the Warrior Bride today is to Awaken to what God desires of the 21st-century anointed ones are to do! It is to serve your generation in the earth, and to do the same great exploits in taking down  “Goliath” in prayer!

Who among you are strong in the Lord! Do you intimately know OUR GOD? Who among you are TRAINED AND EQUIPPED with a solid prayer life to fight the Lord’s battles and to do great exploits as intercessors for our Nation?

What is your burden for the Nation?  That is your prayer assignment!

COME suited up for the “war room” in the anointed armor of God; running to the battle declaring and decreeing Victory over the Goliath.

Take the KEYS of the Kingdom and BIND the strong man (Matt 18:18) take him down. Cut off Goliath’s head (the source of all rebellion violence and illegitimate authority )– with the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT (the Word of God) and plunder his goods! ( 1 SAMUEL 17:52-54)

Our  King rewards  HIS Warrior Bride who will run to the battle take down Goliath and bring victory to the Glory of God on behalf of the righteous!

( 1 Sam 17:25)

Expect enrichment, provisions,and  His granting of the desires of your heart, with  blessings upon your house!

CHURCH! Let’s report to the “WAR ROOM” UNITED IN divine PURPOSE and with Prayer power in the realm of the spirit and pray in the Spirit to REVERSE the CURSE!

Having done all **( 2 Chron 7:14) Stand—until this Curse breaks—off our Nation from OUR position of VICTORY!