January 2017

A new book is about to open! New themes and chapters are already being written!  People places and things shall be put up and some put down by the Hand of the Lord!

Scribes, your pen is your weapon! I have taught your hands to war and your fingers to fight in this hour. Set your face to the task as a ready writer pouring out his story-for this is My Story!  You will have more and more of revelation that will serve to be your divine fuel to write Heavens downloads!

Watch! Be alert Watchmen on the walls of the Church!

For this season is going to be a turbulent time for many publicly and personally! For this is a venerable time for  the world community and you need to warn those who are being seduced and swayed by the natural realm, deceived by fear, by error, and who are being  pressured to compromise my Word. This is a testing time for those who have called me Lord and yet they will not obey me.  

As you go through these times, the Fruit of the Spirit of Joy is your Strength! Beloved, do not neglect Joy in this hour! There will be opportunities of delight and challenges in this year that will come to all who are  truly is seeking the Face of the Lord.

This will put a demand on the fruit of Joy- and STRENGTH, GOD Himself, Who will carry you through the rough places, that will seem as though they have never have been.

So enter into the secret place of Praise and His Presence will flood your life with the Fullness of Joy that  will always paralyze the enemy!

The anointing is increasing for those who are willing to submit to the ways of God and who will trust Him instead of trusting in their understanding thoughts and their natural senses. For this is Wisdom. 

Do not grow weary! Due Season is dawning upon the Church! It coming into view! Can you see it ? It is what you have believed God to bring to to pass in your life!

This is a victorious season – a victorious year!! Hear! The Lion of Judah roar!

See the enemy fall back at the sound of His Voice!

In the Joy of the Lord Stand your ground Church!  Retaliation will be as nothing as you move through it. 

Move  forward with the full amour of God! Seize it ! Possess your portion of eating the good of the Land! 

His Name is Strength and He will not fail you! Lean with all your being upon HIM.

Be of Good cheer. For the Greater One, Jesus the Messiah has overcome the world and deprived it of its power to harm you!  Count it ALL Joy!




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