Genesis Regeneration and Restoration 2019

There is a Genesis Regeneration and Restoration in this hour!

The water was being stirred in the ancient Pool of Bethesda! But there was a lame man who never made it in. Be not like the one who complains that you can’t get to the pool because everybody gets there before you! No. Be not a believer that allows the circumstances or the  unbelieving  to  drown out  your cries of Faith  and hold  you back! There is now a stirring by the Spirit of Grace —  a special anointing of a Genesis regeneration and restoration in this hour.

Jesus is passing by. He doesn’t do things in a corner. He puts His Goodness on a billboard so that all who runs by your life can see HIM. Many are in  need of a spiritual walk with God, fellowship,  or are in need of restoration of what was lost and stolen.  A Genesis regeneration and restoration is taking place.

Recently,  I heard the Spirit say to me, “Genesis  regeneration and restoration.”  Jesus’ Ministry regenerated a quality of life to follow Him and restoration of that which was lost or stolen in people’s lives.  His Goodness was never hidden in a corner. His  Signs, Miracles, and Wonders that follow  HIM  are  not either.  They are coming forth, ready to be displayed in the earth and in your world extravagantly in this hour.

In Mark 10:46-52, we read an account of  Bartimeus who was blind beggar on the road in ancient Israel.  Whenever Jesus speaks, not everybody listens and receives faith to receive from HIM –but Bartimeus did.  He was  living in an unbelieving  atmosphere outside of Jericho. The day came when his ears suddenly came alive with living faith! He heard the Voice of the Messiah–and he acted! Secondly, when he arose and went after Jesus  to get the Healer’s touch, something  very powerful happened.  He threw his  garment of  begging aside and arose in faith!  Bartimeus was ready to pursue the Blessing.  He  was on the verge of his Genesis moment!  

In an instant, Bartimeus went from a beggar  to a believer.  Bartimeus  experienced both a Genesis regeneration — as a man of living  faith and new follower  of  Messiah — and  his Genesis restoration from blindness. He was blind and now he could see!

Like the “old”Baritmeus, your spiritual eyes and ears of faith may have been lying dormant  without faith— because situations and circumstances  create an atmosphere of unbelief and keep you from moving forward in the Blessing.  But God the Creator  is stirring a special anointing by His Spirit for your Genesis moment of  regeneration and restoration.

Like Bartimeus,  today if you will hear His voice you can arise in  faith and pursue His Presence and act on His word. Believe and arise!  Cry out in faith upon the Name of the Lord,  Jesus will stand still and answer you  because of your faith. Throw that  garment of unbelief aside. And  it cannot ever cling to you again. 

This is  your Genesis moment.