February 2020:The PROPHET’S ANSWER


In Part 2 of our teaching on Yeshua as The PROPHET, I want to draw your attention to a truth concerning why some answers to prayer will come through the anointing of the Prophet.

          In Matthew 5,  Yeshua (Jesus) delivers the Sermon on the Mount. It is The Prophet’s message about living in the Kingdom of God. Israel is the first prophetic people, and they needed understanding concerning the changing of the “old order” to the “new order” that was before them.

     Foreshadows  His sufferings as  THE PROPHET

         Yeshua declares in Matt 5:11-12:  “Blessed are you when you are reviled persecuted and lies are said against you on HIS account, for there is a great reward in heaven waiting for you, for in this same way people persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (paraphrased and my italics)

 In Matt 5:12 Yeshua the Messiah  FORESHADOWS one of His identities and a life of suffering as The NT PROPHET

       Every NT  prophet follows in the sufferings of Yeshua, THE PROPHET.

Why is there such unusual warfare and severity concerning the Prophet’s suffering?

       THE PROPHET exposes darkness!  When Yeshua ministered in HIS Prophetic Ministry, HE demonstrated the necessity of uncovering the root causes of problems, and of dismantling the knotty strongholds and structures of each problem.

The Gifts of the Spirit initiate and operate with transparency in a ministry situation, bringing an issue to the Light, in order to shine on and dismantle any darkness that serves as a landing strip for the enemy to continue operating.

The PROPHET’S basic revelatory gifts include the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, prophecy, and the gift of discernment of spirits — these all accompany the Prophetic ministry Office.


YESHUA THE PROPHET ministers in the power and gifts of the Spirit! They are absolutely essential in the Body of Messiah when natural comprehension and sense knowledge isn’t enough for a given situation.

          This brings us to exactly why some prayers must have a Prophet to obtain results. For example, I read a testimony in a book on the subject of the prophet’s ministry by a late great NT prophet, who was my spiritual mentor on faith (through his books). God gave me the privilege of meeting him years ago.

The revelatory gifting of this man of God, Kenneth Hagin, Sr.,  was the key in locating a missing child that the authorities had given up their search because they could not find the child through their natural comprehension and efforts. It was the supernatural vision of this NT Prophet that led to directly finding the missing child and she was restored her to the frantic family.

        What the adversary hates about Yeshua in His role as the PROPHET–and all HIS prophets — is that they are anointed and accurate with a prophetic ministry that can root out, pull down, and destroy his kingdom, and thus destroy his works! (Jer 1: 10; 1 John 3:8)  The NT prophets can build and plant divine restoration.

      Some problems can be so entrenched, because of one’s actions and living against the Word instead of living in agreement with the Word. Knotted strongholds can’t be untied and yokes will remain unbroken broken with a simple prayer when they have to be dealt with through the PROPHET’S anointing and the gifts that accompany prophetic ministry.

       Yeshua the Prophet’s ANSWER of deliverance breaks through situations with a lasting remedy!

      Yeshua as THE PROPHET had a Great Reward waiting for Him in Heaven.  And His reward in Heaven is eternally being united with HIS FATHER and being given the eternal HONOR of sitting at HIS Right Hand as the Glorified Lamb of God, and looking forward to HIS WEDDING day WITH US, His Bride!

     Can you imagine what Great Rewards await the NT prophets?