2021: Be of Good Cheer! You Can Overcome the World!

This is the time not to be overcome –but through the Messiah to OVERCOME!

There was a Hebrew lad named Jabez which means “pain” who can show you from his life a revelation that will overcome the pain of circumstances in your life as YOU step into God’s plan for 2021.

The scripture begins by speaking of Jabez’s character and his burden. “Jabez was honorable above his brothers: but his mother named him Jabez [ sorrow maker] saying , because I bore him in pain.” ( AMP translation)

He not only had a name that meant “pain” but ultimately it became a prophetic name over his life that became Jabez’s personal lighting rod to strike pain and sorrow at Jabez’s life.

There is a lot of speculation that one can gather about what Jabez’s life as he grew up with his brothers. For example, everyday Jabez had a royal opportunity to be offended at his mother because of his name or he could have been easily provoked daily perhaps by his dishonorable brothers ridiculing him.

Jabez being honorable above his brothers had to endure the price of standing out from his brothers and their friends in doing the right thing. This kind of scenario alone could have made life spiritually challenging.

Would pain cause Jabez to go over with victory or go under with defeat?

Jabez is known for his prayer among believers. It became a very popular prayer guide for believers to pray because it has promises exceedingly above all you could ask or think! However there are some power points we need to consider:

  1. Jabez didn’t change his name. Instead, his life was transformed because of it.
  2. Jabez chose to be a vessel of honor where there was dishonor
  3. Jabez didn’t hold bitterness and unforgiveness, or offense in his heart
  4. Jabez knew what to boldly pray for!
  5. He knew God’s covenant promises concerning Israel would enlarge his life and realized vision against all odds.
  6. Jabez expected earnestly for God to move on His covenant and grant his request—- and HE did!

THIS year of 2021, is a turn around year for those who learn the lessons from Jabez’s honorable life. As the scriptures reveal to us–which is more than enough there will be a TIME WHEN BEAUTY WILL BE GIVEN FOR ASHES. AND HONOR FOR DISHONOR. The extension of boundaries of your life will release you as it banishes your present containment, limitations and unrealized vision. Get ready for enlargement of spirit for the Blessed life— where the pain of a name will go and not be your shame; where pain of the past season won’t last! The pain of dishonor WILL SEEM but for second because your honor has kept you surviving and thriving for this moment! So pray believe and receive—- and you will know the Blessed Life shouting YES AND AMEN!! According to the promises of God YOU will live like you have never lived by them before! Amen.