August: SUDDENLY!2018



This is not time for being dismayed at the circumstances that have kept you down from the last season. The Pressure is on, but so is GOD!


Be alert. For Suddenly, just as soon as the accuser comes to overwhelm you with fear doubt and unbelief— Suddenly you will experience God’s Spirit coming  in and overtaking  you with HIS Grace! You will be empowered! And you shall go from weakness to His Strength in a moment. You will be filled with the fullness of God Himself and do what you thought you couldn’t do for His Glory! Say, “Yes, Lord!”

You  who are a believer after God’s own  heart, diligent and faithful, are headed into a NEW Breakout season— matured in Him, and  fully trained and equipped for the work of the ministry.  Then God will launch you in the local church to fit and function in a NEW place of service! There is a flourishing of abundant blessing  coming to you suddenly as you serve the Lord with gladness!  Suddenly there will be a strong sense of  peace and spiritual rest that will cover you,  your family, and your whole life.


For some of you who have been waiting on the Lord in an extremely lengthy season, I say:Think not that your inheritance is put on hold.  With Patience and endurance–suddenly you will see up ahead that the promises are coming into view. Be confident of that circumstance in your life including that which would be uncomfortable in the natural. It is but  for a moment! Don’t think about  it, but believe God’s Word  to transform  you and your circumstances–and ALL will work together for your good!

Suddenly! there is Deliverance and Salvation coming on the scene! Some of you shall be a witness of family salvations in your midst at the end of the summer of 2018! Just be still and know that He is God, and they will come in one way and go out a NEW creation in Christ!  

Lean not to your own understanding, but know that the plan of God is ripe for what you have stood and believed Him for, those many seasons and even years!





One thought on “August: SUDDENLY!2018

  1. Sooo sooo anointed !!!
    Thank you sooo much for speaking into my life- may God bless you MIGHTILY AS YOU CONTINUE TO impart HIS WISDOM TO US- who are hungry for MORE!!!


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