April 2019- Break Free!

Now is the Season to put

 First things First!

This is a month of Firsts!


Come up Higher! YOU are seated with ME in heavenly places!

Press towards that which you have FIRST purposed in your hearts to believe God for in this fresh year!

BE willing to be stretched and  ENLARGED IN YOUR SPIRIT

by Hearing My Word and Abiding in My Presence.

YOU are Destined to CARRY Greater blueprints of things hoped for and the substance of Faith of things not seen as yet, to the Birth of those things that are planned for you!  

Like Abraham, saw the promised provision — My vision for his life, I will speak, show, and impart to you the perfect promise so you can increase your faith for it.

Then you can see it believe it and receive it! says the Spirit of Grace.

Abraham being a prophet of God, and a  friend of God, became the father of faith but he had to FIRST Break Free from idolatry– before he could grow “rich” in faith trusting God!

Then the death angel of unbelief  passed over the  “Isaac” vision God had for Him to come to pass and it became a vision of multiplication! Fear and doubt was banished far from Abraham and Sarah and he became strong in faith giving glory to God!

Many of you are trying to solve problems and even bring to pass your desires in your own wisdom and strength. . .

But don’t forget it is not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts!

You are a citizen of the Kingdom of Light! Learn how to live according to Wisdom and Revelation! KNOW who you are Who’s you are and where you are to live in Me!

You can Break Free from seeking the things of the world! Choose to Seek FIRST My Kingdom and how its spiritual laws work! My laws are made to work for you and not against you.

As long as the Heaven and the earth remains there will be Seed-time and Harvest time! So they are not an option when all else fails!   

And these laws of the Kingdom of God– without fail, and will add everything else to your life! My Kingdom laws are set in motion for you to start living the Kingdom Life –the supernatural life of sowing and reaping! 

Continue to use your gifts, and talents as you  serve in the hard  place–the place of captivity, the place of obscurity and  the anointing that you have will increase and launch you into promotion!

Setting Priorities are the keys to releasing My Glory and Divine Order that breaks confusion chatter and chaos that is trying to hold you back!

Break Free of the last season and… ADVANCE into GREATNESS.