by Carol Cardinale

My obedience led into an overnight “watch” until 9 a.m. As a result I am releasing this prophetic word

It is as if I crashed through a barrier of a darkened glass!

Regeneration and restoration from what the enemy had stolen from you will be a reality. I sense the Spirit when breaking through into the new, the old was completely shattered without reservation–splintering the fragile plans of men, to release the plans of God for this end time hour.

I discerned that significant breakthroughs have happened in the realm of the Spirit, for many of God’s people and they are beginning to manifest — suddenly! There is an open Heaven that many believers are coming Into alignment to it to receive
Days of Heaven on earth. Get ready to see an outpouring of great grace will that will be tangible and new breakouts of extraordinary works of Christ occurring everywhere in the earth.

There shall be an immediate sense and keen awareness that divine CHANGE is standing before you face to face. As the Lord looses the angelic realm into bringing His plans into the earth in this new season.

I feel there are extremely important events that are ready to burst forth on the scene that will bring significant change coming into your life, into the church, the nation and the world.

There is also a divine brilliance, a sharpness, a perception coming that is changing the lens from the old to the new. A stark discernment will be imparted making you aware that a major shift has taken place–from the way things were to what they have become.

The fear of the Lord is your treasure. He will reign and rain Heaven’s joy in the midst, and it will be so with the righteous.You will partake of peace as your portion in the presence of your enemies in these chaotic times and the ungodly affairs of ungodly men and women.

Coming upon the Church today is a strong sense of this new dimension of the Spirit, and a fullness of mysteries that are ready to be disclosed, Mysteries that are not only glorious for the Church to know and to walk in, but also vital to begin great productivity by His Spirit.

Assignments given to apostles and prophets will be released to the Church–with a mandate to know God like never before. There will be all the 5-fold ministry gifts, flowing together forming like a rudder of a ship that will steer and guide the church being equipped to sail through rough water. And the church will come into a great harvest of strength and victory.

The time has come for the church to be known for demonstrating great exploits in His Name with divine boldness and courage as warriors of the Spirit.
Awake, Know God, Run to the battle carrying the Glory!


Carol Cardinale