Feb 2020 New ministry … “Prophetic Insights”


from Carol Cardinale…

COMING. . . February 2020


is my new prophetic teaching page that is coming to this online prophetic ministry.

In the month of February, Prophetic Insights will focus on the function of Yeshua’s prophetic ministry in the New Covenant. What we discover can train and equip you to receive the Prophet’s Reward of the Breakthrough for living and for Life!

Do you know . . .

 why some answers won’t come but through the anointing of the Prophet’s Ministry?

-Discover . . .

how you can be established in every area of life through the prophetic gifts of the Prophet’s Ministry

-What . . .

determines biblical success in life through the Prophetic Ministry of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah?

Can you tell . . .

 the differences between Yeshua’s Ministry as the  Messiah and His Ministry as the Prophet?

Join me as you come expecting Prophetic Insights to answer these questions. . . and much more!