Pure and Shining Ones . . .

Some of you have been  “blindsided” suffering from serious setbacks. The vision or desires or your goals have not worked out as planned that has caused you to murmur and complain about it to the Lord.  Hurt,  you have backed off altogether and are tempted to give up and stop dreaming and acheiving.  No matter how honest you feel in justifying yourself—stop for a moment  . . ..


In the book of 2 Samuel 6, there is the account of David attempting to bring the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem. As the Ark of the Covenant was being carried on a new cart, it came upon a “bump” in the road the oxen stumbled,  causing the Ark of God to shake.

Uzzah made the fatal mistake of putting his hand on the Ark, and while grasping it to keep it from falling, the anger of God was kindled and fatally broke out against him.

When David saw what had happened, he withdrew himself in the fear of the Lord and refused to proceed with the task. Instead, David took the Ark of God to a godly man’s home named Obed-edom and let it rest there for  3 months.

Eventually, David gave his company-wise counsel and understanding as to why the Lord broke out on them. It was through a lack of knowledge of His ordained plan of how the Ark of God should be handled and carried! 

After witnessing the Ark of God pouring forth the Blessing upon Obed-edom and his household, there came a release in David’s heart and his company to continue with the divine assignment!

With goldy confidence and knowledge, David led his company out of a setback and returned the Ark of God to Jerusalem rejoicing all the way!

Here are some keys from this account that will help  you overcome and lead you out of a serious setback in the tasks you are given by the Lord:

1. Trust him to restore lift you up. 1 Peter 5:6

–Humble yourself before HIM. Be still and resist from pushing forward with the task. REST from your efforts.  (2 Sam 6:9-11).

2. A lack of knowledge brings the curse ( defeat).

–Seek the Lord for wisdom and understanding.

Then inquire of the Lord  for knowledge to know  HOW -the Lord desires  your assignments to be accomplished  (1 Chron 15:13)

3. As you rest in the Lord, you will see the heart of the Lord revealed to you in a greater way concerning your situation in His unconditional Love. (2 Sam 6:10)

4. Divine encouragement will release you from disappointment.  It will restore you with fresh hope and godly confidence. ( 2 Sam 6:12 )

5. An overwhelming sense of worship before the Lord will be birth in your heart, as you see the Goodness of the Lord come and confirm your efforts.  (2 Sam 6:13)

6. Obedience with knowledge is the result of successfully completing the task that you have started in HIM. And when you finish the task, you will experience great joy!

–PASSIONATE PRAISE  will erupt unto the Lord!  ( 2 Sam 6:14-16)