Carol Cardinale & Co…a prophetic commentary


by Carol Cardinale

April 2020

             Is 2020 the Start of

          the Precious Blood of Yeshua Revival?

   You’ve heard the Southern expression in church circles, “being big on the Blood”?  Well, I am big on honoring, having faith in, and talking about the Blood of Yeshua.

   I was born again and because of it, I am in the family of God. And you are too. His blood-bought the Church our Redemption and every bountiful blessing and benefit.  It has the eternal power to change the eternity of human life from going to the pit of destruction and turning it in the direction of Heaven – – for eternity. For those reasons, I can “be big on the Blood”  and bask in it with bliss. 

 The Overcoming Church. Is It Arising?

  Frankly, I am marveling at the truth that there’s no one in the Church that could have figured that the Blood of Yeshua would grab the attention of the Christian world like it has in the last few months because of an incomprehensible and unprecedented global crisis in this hour of the Church.

The Overcomers, the Remnant, Apostles, and Prophets are on the front lines in their intercession and prayer declarations and decrees releasing the Blood of Yeshua  like never before!

        However, regularly activating and honoring the Blood of  Yeshua has never been merely an option, and it is not intended just for those called to intercessory prayer.  It’s for every individual believer who is genuinely born again. Believers have to learn how to apply the Blood by faith every day by declaring and speaking about it. Having faith in His Blood is on the increase in this hour because the Overcoming Church is arising with the Blood of the Lamb (Yeshua), with the Word, and even our faith.

                  Pleading the Blood of Yeshua is not “old-time” religion


           The early saints before us knew all about the Precious Blood and its power. They knew how to win the victory every time by pressing in and  “pleading” (declaring ) the Blood of Yeshua.

         On the other hand, some circles among believers have grown lukewarm in their faith in the power of the Blood of Yeshua. But because of a loss of red-hot spiritual activation and application for healing and deliverance,  the songs and hymns about the Blood of Yeshua have become dry as they are sung merely out of tradition.

      However,  it is not “old-time religion”  to plead the Blood. It works and brings prevailing victory here for as long as the Church remains in the earth as it is in Heaven,.

     Gross deception has cloaked the minds and hearts of those who try to alter the Word of God and the work of God to suit their carnal beliefs and lifestyles. In this case, concerning the Blood of Yeshua,  in some religious circles, it has become theologically intentional to remove the Blood of Yeshua from their hymnals and their sermons. Not to mention that leaders who have an open faith in the Blood of Yeshua have at times suffered ex-communication.

   Will church circles who are denying the Blood of Yeshua in their theology repent and lay down their false doctrine and submit to the saving knowledge of the  Precious  Blood of the Cross?

  The Blood of Yeshua  CANNOT  be separated from anything that pertains to our Salvation in  Yeshua the Messiah. Yeshua is our Passover and Sacrificed Lamb!

The Truth is that there is NO Christianity without the shed Blood of Yeshua. After Yeshua’s Resurrection, He ascended and took His Blood and placed  at the Mercy Seat!

     The enemy of our souls is dreading the days ahead because the Overcoming Church knows that satan is terrified of the Blood of Yeshua! The Overcomers are arising in STRENGTH that the world has never seen!

       I feel I am talking to someone here who is reading this page and here is what I say:

      Open your spiritual eyes and ears in a place of worship where you may attach yourself. . .

      Do you hear the Blood of Yeshua being preached and sung about,  recognized and honored? Or are altar calls non-existent for the salvation of souls? Have you come upon great personal troubles that seem to have suddenly entered your life? Or have you all along experienced prolonged problems in your personal life?

    Leave that place where the Blood of Yeshua is not recognized or honored. And move to where you can get under the Blood—where it is being honored and preached freely –with souls getting saved!

    It is the shed Blood of Yeshua that has destroyed the curse of the Law of sin, sickness and spiritual death– as well as poverty–  in the earth.

    There is wonder-working power in the Blood of the Lamb! So when you have a need, Plead the Blood and Run to the Mercy Seat! It is there the Blood of Yeshua flows freely!

Enforce the Blood!

Happy Resurrection Celebration!