Divine Endearments…


Arise  and Come away, for I have prepared a banquet fulfilling all your hearts desires!

Messiah in your midst heals you… strengthen you… and He shall speak powerful endearments to your heart!

Beloved , Precious Ones, Triumphant Ones! Overcomers! Fierce and Fiery lovers of GOD! Prophetic Voices around the world! Are you Overwhelmed by the Passion of His Glory in this time and season? 


What is His Spirit  doing in the earth? Be as the sons of  Issachar who knew  the Time and Seasons and  what  action to take! This is a Day of ministering to the Lord! Open  your  hearts like never before

Open your hearts to Him and  Return  to where  Deep calls to deep! HIS only Desire is  that He POURS out on you and wraps you with the Garment of Himself!


Lean not on your own understanding but lean on  and Learn of Him.  For these are  unusual times that have rushed upon and have overtaken many. 

But you Beloved expect glorious treasure of  my goodness to Overtake your going out and  your coming in!

I Am with you, and I Am enthroned on the praises of Israel! Come! I take you to the banqueting Table and the Banner over you is Love.  Be filled as HE  Feeds you with  apples  raisin  cakes and Spices!

Smell the Rose Smell the Lily of  


Run after Him! Keep Running!

Fierce and  Fragrant Ones!!!!!