February Moments


February Moments …Be Inspired by the Love of the Divine Lover

YOU are MY Loved Ones and MY everlasting passion. I can’t take My Eyes off of  YOU! With excitement to see YOU wake up  with expectation to hear what I have to say to YOU –even before  DAWN!

Virgin Ones, who run after me, Catch ME! MY Name pours forth throughout MY Kingdom as a priceless PERFUME!


I will SING songs and Rejoice over YOU!


Delightful Ones, look into MY EYES!

SEE the  Fire!

Behold! ALL  My GOODNESS PASSES Before YOU!  You are Safe. Your Divine Lover of your Soul has SET HIS Seal and HIS  BANNER OF VICTORY OVER YOU!


Passionate Ones, Hidden Ones, Precious Ones Prophetic Ones, 

Loved Ones, It’s YOU, who are after My Heart!

I AM the Chief among  tens of thousands. Allow ME, the Mystery of the ages, to Touch YOU with my Gaze!  Your very bones, your heart and your mouth will Burn with the Fire of My Word that cannot be quenched!

Hear the joyful sound.

Walk with ME. I tell you MY many Plans and I Whisper sweet Mysteries that will become Your Heart and clear in YOUR ear!

 BE overwhelmed with the manifold dimensions of MY GREAT LOVE!

It is I Who gave YOU the Breath of Life. 

 Breath freely.

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