December 2016 Exhortation!

I exhort and encourage you,individually and corporately, as a prophetic community, to seek to grow in your fit-and-function, and become  stronger spiritually than you have ever been before. Then  you will flourish in your uniqueness to serve God’s prophetic purposes in the Church and in the earth.  


Hello. My name is Carol Cardinale, and I am  launching  my online presence to serve you! It’s actually your  new website -that is coming WITH my own refreshing prophetic niche…called Prophetic Living! w / Carol Cardinale.


Prophetic community, come and gather ONLINE!  Refresh, restore, renew with “palm tree revelation!”

There is a need for more prophetic schools, and prophetic hubs to be raised up  to spiritually empower, train and equip  the prophetic community in the Body of Christ for such a time as this.

The prophetic voice in the earth must be pure, anointed, strong and accurate through His servants, the prophets that know their God!

Prophetic creativity  and expression must release a pure and  accurate manifestation of God’s purposes and reveal His glory in the earth, as  prophetic ministry advances the Kingdom of God.

Prophetic Living! w/ Carol Cardinale is both a prophetic hub -an ONLINE teaching ministry  with Carol Cardinale. She  teaches basic fundamentals for  prophetic people who desire  to begin building a mature prophetic foundation in Christ.  

Prophetic Living w/Carol Cardinale  also serves as a ONLINE  learning resource in teaching Wisdom,  knowledge and understanding to function prophetically, scripturally,  and accurately in building up the local church.

This website releases are Spirit-led inspiration. Exhortations that challenge and correct; prophesy to stir up the gift within you so you can  encourage,  edify and comfort one another.

 Prophetic Living is –to nurture the  young NT prophets, to strengthen mature prophets and  guide prophetic people in the prophetic streams of the Church.  The Door IS OPEN.

It is time to  advance into  your  spiritual empowerment in Christ!  


Prophetic Life w/ Carol Cardinale 

is here to serve  the prophetic community – ONLINE


Join me!  



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