God’s Thoughts God’s Timing



Several months ago, I  gave a special word of encouragement, exhortation and instruction to a prophetic person on social media.

They were  having the usual complaints and going through common 

frustrations in the prophetic process,  which is marked by no available fellowship with like-minded ( prophetic) believers, and a need for a  mentor. 

This confirms again as to why the strong desire was laid on my heart in founding a “prophetic hub without walls” for prophetic believers in Christ. 

If this sounds like something  you are going through, you have to begin by not looking at the landscape of your natural circumstances. 

It is by faith that you must begin to let go of all the props in your life and depend totally on God.

Solid encouragement to the  frustrated  believer in the wilderness process– met with a favorable feedback. As she put it, “I didn’t tickle her ears!” The main thing I advised her was to get busyI encourage you to do the same.

In other words, if you feel like a wilderness wanderer, it’s time to  arise from frustration and get into the spirit of  faith! Become pro-active, and see the giants in your life as grasshoppers. You are well able to conqueror them in Christ!

Start seeking the Kingdom of God and how the spiritual laws work.

Give special time to the Lord in  prophetic preparation, through waiting in His Presence, prayer, studying  the Word. Take notes, or keep a journal  of revelation, meditate on the scriptures etc.

Make full proof of your progress in the wilderness.  

Realize that God’s ways and thoughts are not in agreement to your ways and thoughts of how things should be done in preparing  you prophetically. God will not tickle your ears, because you have been given the Mind of Christ. What a  Grace ! What a privilege!   dove

Embracing God’s Thoughts and  Timing is everything!

Becoming pro-active in the wilderness is the beginning of victory!

Nourish yourself  right here in my prophetic hub —Prophetic Living from the  streams of wisdom and inspiration!   As you are led, Seek out other  established ones in Christ who are also in the  prophetic  streams that resonate with you.

Wait for the Lord to make your way! Trust God Who  is faithful to lead and guide you in  training and equipping  you for your calling. HE  has  provisions for those where nothing seems to have been prepared. God is working with you,  in you and for you!  

                              Beautiful Ones of the  Prophetic streams! water-140984__180

In the prophetic streams are filled with an abundance of anointed writers, authors, and media ministries. Search and access prophetic resources. pexels-photo-42408

Then there are sacrifices that you must make in order to get the training and equipping you need for your calling in your  life.

The major sacrifice is  MAKING TIME for GOD.  clock-1083262__180

Get Wisdom and knowledge–and get understanding from the Word of God.! Capture revelation out of God’s Word!  

 There are also best- selling, and ” A -list”  books by some known seasoned apostles and prophets, in the Body of Christ.   Ask other believers  what books they have read.

You can come across certain books and  authors  that will best suited to prepare you for  your unique  calling.(Found in the last section in the side bar of this website, there are several books I have read and  I highly recommend for those of you who are pressing into your call, and  who are  hungry and thirsting for HIM.) books-education-school-literature-48020

There are  also many resources available on social media and in Christian book stores to choose from that will help train and equip you.

Glorious Ones! Get Busy! and Get ready! So you can take your next steps forward– with our God!  books