February 2020 : THE THIRSTY WOMAN


We are going to delve into the Gospel of John chapter 4 which is an account of  Yeshua in His role as The New Testament Prophet.

But before we look at Yeshua’s encounter with “The Thirsty Woman,”  there are some power points that He demonstrates as the NT Prophet. As believers, we should take note of and understand the true function of the NT prophetic ministry in the Body of Messiah (the Church).

First, Yeshua (Jesus) always used the natural world to explain a spiritual truth.

-As the Prophet, in John 4, Yeshua, although being Jewish,  still comes and sits down next to a non-Jewish woman at Jacob’s well  (v 6) in a controversial locale in a city in Samaria.

Yeshua didn’t conform His Prophetic Ministry to the ethnic strife between the Jews and the Samaritans of the day. Unlike the Old Testament prophet  Jonah — the prophet who ran from God after being called to minister to Israel’s enemies, the Ninevites — Yeshua the Prophet demonstrated that true NT prophets are not subject to or limit their calling because of racial barriers or gender among the cultures.    (v 27)

True NT prophets honor the Blood of Yeshua (Jesus) that brings reconciliation between enemies.

Secondly, Yeshua the Prophet demonstrates that the NT prophet’s ministry will show up in the most unlikely places, even those that can raise questions and /controversies among the people. (v 7,9)

True NT prophets and their prophetic ministries are not bound by the status quo or the culture’s conformity to “political correctness,” secular /religious conformity, and unbelief.

Now the Prophet’s platform is set for Yeshua to minister to a Samaritan —The Thirsty Woman.

The NT Prophet always ministers to bring Breakthrough in the lives of believers. This is called the Prophet’s Reward. See how to lay claim to the Prophet’s Reward in your life!

In John 4, the lifestyle of the Thirsty Woman was revealed by Yeshua by the gift of the Holy Spirit– through a word of knowledge. True NT prophets will not embarrass or expose you before others. Only hypocrites are exposed publically.  The woman marveled at Yeshua and instantly knew that He was a Prophet. ( v 15-19)

Second, the Prophet will always point to the time.  Finding yourself in an unending dry spell is an indicator that it is time to seek His Face and not His Hands. The Father has been seeking you out to enter into His Presence and worship HIM  in Spirit and in Truth. (23-24)

Lastly,  you don’t have to wait for a prophet to tell you something that Yeshua the Prophet can reveal to you in His Word daily.  He is the Messiah and desires to speak to you.

The Thirsty Woman received the prophet’s reward of a breakthrough when she chose to put aside the clay pot, which symbolized getting her “fix” of carnal refills in a  lifestyle featuring a broken chain of marriages that culminated in living with a partner.

The Thirsty Woman was living a life of deception. Having a daily dose of natural water out of  Jacob’s well prophetically symbolized her being unaware of her spiritual need — reflected in her sinful lifestyle that watch could not quench.

Her life was prophetically like Jacob’s well— that was a symbol of deceptive relationships–that didn’t last or satisfy. Remember what the name Jacob means? It means deceiving!

And she left the well, having encountered Yeshua — the Way, the Truth and the Life  (John 14:6) and rushed to tell the others about her life-transforming encounter with Yeshua the Messiah-Prophet

She left her clay pot behind. No longer was this Samaritan the Thirsty Woman! She received the Prophet when His own people would not! She received Breakthrough– the Prophet’s Reward of a transformed life as a worshipper of the Father in Spirit and in TRUTH.


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