January Turning Point! 2018

                   The Turning Point!

                 Put First things First!

            In the coldest of circumstances I Am going to melt your heart!

No longer will you feel disregarded for all the labor you’ve done in My Kingdom. Your labor has been a sweet smell of  sacrifice willingness and obedience to ME!


There was a timing, a preparation, there was a time of sowing and a season of growth of those seeds of Kingdom labor! I have given the INCREASE AND the blades have come up! and now the full ear of corn!


I cannot deny Myself

Who I AM to you? FAITHFUL.

Look! at the glory of my Faithfulness! The Crossing over in to NEW territory has taken place! This has made a divine shift in the earth and in your life!

Be determined to move and to flow with my Spirit. Now is the time that I cause you to move into the  manifestation of MY Plans that have seemed only  like blueprints in your heart and mind!

Remember all the way I brought you? Do you think I would ever leave you or forsake you? I have a Plan and that plan for your life is not according to the world neither did it originate with men.

Are you ready? Are you motivated?  Open your heart to Me!

 Receive My fire and  my Passion

I have prepared an inheritance that is waiting for you — YES!  YOU!

Know this,  that I produce a multiple Harvest! Waiting upon Me produces far More than you could ever think or even  imagine!

My tool  called Time is working through out the earth and even in your life to arrange that which you do not see as yet!

Wisdom speaks and calls to you in this hour amidst the foolish things and ways of the world!

Come out from the vain and  foolish distractions of this age

Turn into the Gate where Wisdom resides!

She  rejoiced before ME before the world began!


Wisdom waits and  remains waiting to show herself Strong to take you from faith to faith  to seize your Harvest!

According to how it is done in my Kingdom, in My strength and in My ways this is the time.

Seek Wisdom and understanding!

AND enter into the DOOR  called WISDOM

Wisdom is your Anchor of  your times.

                         YOUR Promised Possession!

 Honor  Promotion  Increase  Right choices Divine direction and long life

is  HER Treasure

 Seek and Exalt WISDOM





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