Prophetic Basics



A believer  cannot call himself or herself into a 5-fold  Office!  Neither can a person with the gift of prophecy call or set you into the apostolic and prophetic office.  

Jesus is the Head of the Church, and He  alone appoints and gives  the gifts to mankind. (Eph 4:11-12)   

The gifts and callings are without repentance (meaning they are irrevocable, Rom 11:29). God gives them and He doesn’t change His mind and take them back.  

By the sovereignty of God, the call and  gifts are  already placed within you. He works in you and through you– from the inside out.  Not from the outside in.  This  will show significant evidence and fruit  in your life.

Childhood encounters with God

It is common for  the characteristics of the prophetic personality to start budding and evidencing in a child who is prophetic, at a very young age.  The OT prophet Samuel had childhood encounters with God when he was growing up in the Temple.  His ears where opened and  he heard the voice of the Lord calling him  when he was under the mentorship of Eli the priest. (1 Sam 3:1-10)  There may also be the occurrence of sleeping disturbances, because  the calling has marked a child for God.  Or there may be seeing into the realm of the spirit in childhood. I personally experienced both, infrequently, at three years of age.   



God is faithful. HE will order your steps according to your calling. HE will  mature you  in your God-ordained gift set.

The Gift of Prophesy begins the Process

 When I was a babe in Christ, I  began evidencing by the Spirit, a  strong gift of prophesy in the local church.  So I started serving my  local church then, as  prophetic person.  

As I  grew and matured in the spiritual  gifts and fruit,  the Holy Spirit led my spiritual life into  intercessory prayer and  working together in a strong gift of discernment. 

Prophetic callings always are accompanied with a prayer ministry! Prophets are gifted with  the power to pray with the gift of  faith as HE wills.   The ‘prayer closet ‘ is where spiritual ‘muscle’ and  strength and discipline are developed and built up.   

The Calling doesn’t usually  come as  Surprise to you

 In the local church I had a several encounters with the revealing of my calling from three prophetic women in the church. (Mind you, they were not presuming to prophesy me into this office, but merely to announce it.) My spiritual mother in the faith was one of them. Another prophetic mother in the faith handed me a written prophecy that would serve as the foundation.  This precedent was the major seed planted in my heart and life concerning the ministry. Last but not least was the pastor’s wife who was prophetic and was a seer and had miracles follow her ministry. According to my spiritual mom, the pastor’s wife who was close to her said she could see the ministry that God was calling me to.


From your first days in Christ you know the call  “from the inside out,” because He puts the “knowing”  of the calling there. It came with such peace and actuality. As I grew in Christ, I would just close my eyes and automatically see myself in my prophetic calling. Ironically,  I would forget about it most of the time, because I was never preoccupied with it and  I never mentioned it to anyone.

It wasn’t until I saw the Lord causing leadership and people in the church to confirm what I already know in my ‘inner man.’ That’s why the call didn’t surprise me, because it was there inside me all the time. I just knew God was moving me towards it.  

 My  prophetic call  was confirmed through my  local church ordination, as a minister of the Gospel.

I was led  seven months later  to  a prophetic conference hosted by apostolic prophetess Patricia King of XP Ministries. 


My  call was  again confirmed  and activated on Sunday, the last day of the conference. I was  in the back standing next to my husband who was seated on the aisle seat. As I was caught up  in the praise and worship  I heard a women’s voice and I opened my eyes and there  in the aisle was a woman of God (whom I knew as a prophetic intercessor from another ministry)  declaring to me, “prophetess of God…prophetess of God…” She had no prior knowledge of how God had dealt  with me during that prophetic conference! The Holy Spirit sent this prophetic intercessor at the right time and in the right circumstances  to confirm my

 The Appointment

When I arrived home,  little did I know that I was “called, appointed and anointed” for an encounter with His Presence. HIS Visitation was so unexpected.   I was just resting and then I sensed His presence in an unusual way, enter the room. At that time I had been experiencing difficulty in letting  go of a former season of ministry.  I became very still, waiting for  HIM. Then HE spoke. I heard HIM say, “Why are you fighting for the lesser, when I AM giving  you the  greater? ” 

In that very  moment, I knew that my time had come.  I  perceived  that I was being given the greater. This was all  attributed to a  priceless process of a significant work of Grace of preparation — I had finished the process of being prophetically set in the Church!


Thorns and Fire

Being  refined in the Refiner’s fire is to die to yourself, and to  have your faith come forth as pure gold so that Christ can live in and through you.  It is a never-ending process of learning  to submit to God’s ways. 

Daniel is a perfect example of  being molded in  extreme adversity, and  being a  candidate for both the thorns of Babylon and the fiery  furnace  of persecution. He became a witness of the Living God  to the pagan king.   Daniel was an incredible  OT prophet and propheticflower-832217_960_720 intercessor, being pressed toward the high purpose of  his life in serving in the Babylonian kingdom.

Remember Joseph.

Joseph the dreamer was a prophet,  and he knew what God had  called him to be through a visitation in a dream. His life is an OT example of  showing the thorns and the fire. 

There was  betrayal, temptation, wrongful and lying accusations, isolation, etc.,  that Joseph had to go through before he could reign in his calling. For both Daniel and Joseph, it  was in the thorns and fire in their testing,  that God of the Hebrews was their  Father, their  Mentor,  their Covering, their Deliverer, their Favor and Open Door.   God was in control of every detail of their lives. 

The key that Joseph shows us is how to endure the process of affliction by trusting God and letting go of the thorns of offense. This led Joseph from his training to his reigning in Egypt as the second in command to Pharaoh!

Joseph the dreamer never dreamed that his “training for reigning” would be the hardest test he would ever go through. But God was with Him and he made it through victoriously.


God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours. And one can be greatly surprised with something that is part of the Plan that  one never could have anticipated.  Joseph, the Hebrew, never anticipated being sold into Egypt as a slave and to even land wrongfully in jail!

Jesus the Messiah has one goal mind: and that is in building your character so that  it reflects and bears the fruits of Christlikeness —in and through adversity.  What is meant for evil through your journey, God will turn  for your good.  HIS  faithfulness and His abundant goodness will cause you to forget the affliction. 12189835_771836002928632_7450570575776155796_n

HIS  favor will make room for your  call and  prophetic gifting. 

Promotion is from the Lord. Remember that while there are only  SOME prophets set by Jesus the Head, in the Church, there are many  amazing “prophetic believers”  who  serve through the gift of prophesy  to show the Beauty and Glory of  the Lord through creative talents! These gifts and talents  are to reveal His heart to His people! 



Rejoice where you are in your preparation right now! Jesus is in you and with you. HE’s providing whatever you need!

Yes!  You are called  to walk out the Beauty of your unfolding destiny of reigning in life and in your inheritance in  Christ, moment by moment, as you continue to encourage, edify, exhort and comfort the Church!  


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