Prophetic Pulse


Your devotional thought for today: “You are righteous and bold in the Lion of Judah!


YOU are a beautiful  gift in the Body of Christ! Our talents are diverse in personality, diverse in talents and gifting.  As you minister in your assignments you are swimming well in the  prophetic stream! 

It is so inspiring  to see servants of the Lord  who all share the same pulse for God’s plan in the earth in raising the Banner of  holiness and righteousness!

Your assignments, as serious and life-changing as they are, also carry a divine pulse, a zeal, a passion that resonates from the Father’s Heart.

Prophetic rhythms flow from the Heartbeat of Jesus. As Jesus and the Father are ONE, so we are One in heart bodily with the Godhead. 6y9zcchu2d

 Don’t think for one moment that you can’t feel the Father’s HEART!  Friends of God, YOU are to be full of  zeal to speak His Heart,  so others can hear  how  generous and Loving He Is towards them! pulse-trace-163708__3401.jpg

The Father’s pulse can be  felt in  a Word spoken in due season, and it will bring heavenly color and heavenly honey.  Creativity pulsates with answers that are ready to be released !

God tells the prophet what He’s going to do before He does it! Prophetic people and Intercessors feel burdens and the urgency of the Spirit to pray!


Divine ZEAL is what fuels the Prophetic Ministry. Passion is the fire of God and inspires  it. Jesus the Messiah, lived and ministered by the pulse of the Father.They were ONE and their pulse was ONE.


The heavenly pulse of Jesus is felt in every prayer closet,   in our prophesies, as intercessors. As we are lovers of the Word of God, His pulse is in every covenant promise, in our dreams and every vision  from the Lord!   

Jesus  walked in His Prophetic Ministry, as bold as a lion. 11350432_780488262066778_6142339717464715555_n                                

He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! 

Jesus has a  ROAR – A divine outburst of Divine  Zeal was coursing through His veins  when He cleansed the Temple, by casting out the money changers. (John 2:16) Jesus the Messiah-Prophet  literally fulfilled prophecy! The disciples remembered  what was written.

Ps 69:9 says,  “Zeal for your House consumes ME.”



Amos 3:7 , Psalm 69:9 , John 2:16-17 John 2:16-17, John 2:16-17, Acts 13:1



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